Books on LGBTQ Issues

Appearance on Fit For Joy (November 15, 2020)
Topic: "A call for Self-Compassion and Strength"

The Gay and Lesbian Self-Esteem Book-REVISED

Finally, the newly revised Gay and Lesbian Self-Esteem Book is available on Amazon and through major bookstores! This updated version includes chapters on Transgender self-esteem, Queer Parenting, Aging and Self-esteem and Life on the Down Low.

The Gay and Lesbian Self-Esteem Book

The Gay and Lesbian Self-Esteem Book was designed to help sexual minorities combat the negative effects of living in a homophobic culture. Through step by step exercises, Dr. Hardin helps you evaluate how your family of origin may have contributed to your core sense of self, how your self-esteem impacts every decision you make in your everyday life and how to develop healthier self-esteem.

This 1999 title is currently out of print through New Harbinger publications, but wasrecently released as a new, updated and revised title by Alyson Books in March of 2008 entitled "Loving Ourselves: The Gay and Lesbian Guide to Self-Esteem".

Queer Blues

Co-authored with lesbian psychologist, Marny Hall, Ph.D., Queer Blues: The Lesbian and Gay Guide to Overcoming Depression, provides the reader with an in-depth understanding of depression and it's variants, biological bases for depression and recommendations for both self-help and professional strategies for managing it.

50 Ways to Support Lesbian and Gay Equality:
The Complete Guide to Supporting Family, Friends, Neighbors or Yourself

Fifty Things You Can Do to Support Lesbian and Gay Equality is a collection of essays written by leaders within the GLBT community on topics meant to encourage both straights and queer readers to take action in a time of political and social volatility. Dr. Hardin contributed his essay, Stay Sane in a Crazy World, to this collection about the importance of addressing mental health when we need it.